Dream about Someone Getting A Car

Dream about someone getting a car sadly draws attention to a loss in your identity or a fear of losing who you are. You are being told that you were never loved. You feel that you are being judged in some way and need to defend yourself. Your dream is unfortunately an admonition for some health problems. You are not thinking through the consequences of your action.

Someone getting a car is a harbinger for a lack of self-confidence and embarrassment. You are not one to hide your true feelings. You are also overly concerned with what others think of you. The dream is unfortunately an alert for financial hardships. You need to be more vocal and work harder to get your point across.

Someone getting a car in dream is unfortunately rejection. You are knocking-on or insulting something or someone. Things are not coming together the way you want it to. Your dream suggests harshness, anger, aggression, ruthlessness and conflict. You are feeling hollow or empty inside.

Dream about someone getting a car is a premonition for someone who has saved you from a jam or difficult situation

You are experiencing some fear in using your psychic abilities and believing in your intuition. You are embarrassed by a situation. Your dream is a symbol for being too buttoned up or refrained. You are experiencing some obstacles or difficulties in your progress.

Someone getting a car is sadly a warning for a highly stressful time in your life. You or someone is trying to manipulate reality. You need to get rid of all the minor annoyances in your life and focus on the more important things. Your dream unfortunately draws attention to some sort of failing relationship. You are feeling burdened by the expectation of others.

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