Dream about Someone Signing Documents

Dream about someone signing documents symbolises the obstacles standing in your way toward your goals. There is some situation or issue that you can no longer avoid and ignore. You are having difficulties connecting to others or you are unable to get your thoughts across in an effective way. Your dream points at a situation where you are feeling restricted or repressed. Your hard work and abilities are not going unnoticed.

Someone signing documents means a lack of self esteem or self confidence. You need to accept the positives and leave all the negativity behind. You need to move on and stop wasting time on a situation that is bothering you. The dream is about your dependence on somebody in your family. You are becoming too indifferent.

Someone signing documents in dream is unfortunately your extreme need for security and protection to the point where you may be isolating yourself from others. You are under some negative influence. You may be feeling hopeless about a situation. This dream means a false sense of security. You are too busy doing your own thing that you have overlooked a person.

Dream about someone signing documents points at the annoyances in your life

It is time to walk with your head held high and stop being ashamed. You are trying to fool yourself or someone into believing something that you know is not true. The dream denotes your coldness toward a person or vice versa. Perhaps your goals or ideals are too lofty.

Someone signing documents is a harbinger for your need for a quick fix or an escape from reality. Your life is going out of control. You need to be more responsive or receptive to guidance and assistance from others. Your dream symbolises frustrations or obstacles that are hindering your path toward your goals. You need to remember that you can not do everything all by yourself.

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Joy loveth obinna

Dream of profess that said doucment is made against me

A Everitt

Had a dream where my father was sitting at the table and looked unhappy and when i asked him what he was doing, he said “Contracts” then i woke up