Dream about Someone Waking Me Up

Dream about someone waking me up is an omen for lost love, missed opportunities or drained emotions. You want to wipe the past away and literally become a new person. You are too trusting. This dream means your limitations and boundaries. You may be jeopardizing your health with your reckless behavior.

Someone waking me up is a symbol for small annoyances and minor problems. You are being too demanding or that your expectations are too high. Someone is being deceitful or treacherous toward you. The dream is a warning for mistrust and dishonesty. After being alone for awhile, you are looking for a relationship.

Someone waking me up in dream is a clue for your overwhelming passion. You have the power to make decisions and change the course that you are taking. It is time to let go of some bad habits or a harming relationship. This dream is sadly an alert for feelings of self-guilt and self-betrayal. Your are not holding yourself accountable for how you are acting or feeling.

Dream about someone waking me up is sadly an admonition for your willingness to sacrifice your authority in order to maintain calmness in your domestic life or personal relationship

Your senses have perceived something that you have overlooked or dismissed. You need to have patience and calmness or else you will risk isolating yourself. The dream symbolises someone who is not as bad as you had assumed. You are being stuffy, unyielding and rigid.

Someone waking me up is unfortunately a warning signal for someone in your life who may be working around some issue. You are feeling detached in your personal relationship. You are unable to speak about some unimportant situation. The dream is an indication for your frustrations about getting enough privacy. You are relying too much on your social network.

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