Dream about Suicide And Self Harm

Dream about suicide and self harm is a message for some aspect of yourself or some area in your life. You are trying to assess your abilities and evaluate a situation. You are rejecting or ignoring some aspect of yourself. This dream is about your frivolous pursuits. You may be searching into your past.

Suicide and self harm is opulence and luxury. You are having issues in some area of your relationship. You either feel unappreciated or betrayed. Your dream is a signal for self-sufficiency. You need to get up and exercise more!

Suicide and self harm in dream points at a time where you feel vulnerable and helpless. You are being manipulated and deceived. You need some coaxing in order to discuss some issue. This dream indicates healing or the need to be healed. Perhaps you are becoming too dependent and need to find your own path.

Dream about suicide and self harm points at reflection, insight, intuition and mental powers. You need to allocate time for pleasure leisurely pursuits

You are acting immaturely. This dream is an omen for the cycles of life and how it brings about destruction and rebirth. You need to look beyond the superficial and find the truth about yourself and about others.

Suicide and self harm suggests emotions that you have repressed, but are ready to confront. You are taking steps to acknowledging some painful or repressed thoughts even though you are not ready to fully confront them. Something may look good on the exterior, but prove empty or unsubstantial on the inside. The dream points at your need to belong. You are surrounded by those who stand behind your decisions.

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