Dream about Walking In Black Water

Dream about walking in black water suggests the changes in your life. You are washing the burdens out of your life. You need to expand your knowledge and learning. This dream is a portent for a transitional phase. You need to be more refined in your behavior and speech.

Walking in black water suggests your adaptability to a situation. Perhaps you are coming across as too indifferent. Perhaps your actions have been counterproductive. The dream is an omen for a betrayal. You need to correct your thinking and readjust your attitude.

Walking in black water in dream means the many aspects and facets of your personality. You need to go out and go after what you want and achieve your heart’s desires. Perhaps you are looking to move. This dream is a signal for your shadow and other unacknowledged aspects of yourself. Your vision is being impaired or clouded by something or someone.

Dream about walking in black water suggests your current situation and state of mind

You need to learn to make your life less complicated. You are seeking acceptance or approval. This dream is a message for trust. You are experiencing some financial issues.

Walking in black water indicates the flow of subconscious material being suppressed deeper and deeper. You need to take a short break to reassess your situation and determine your path and goals. You are involved in some secretive or underhanded activity. This dream is a signal for action. You need to look at the big picture.

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