Dream about Whales Mating

Dream about whales mating expresses your ambition and the determination to achieve your goals. It is time to start doing and making things happen. Some hidden aspect of yourself is coming to the surface. This dream is a message for a rise to status and wealth. You feel you are entitled to certain things.

Whales mating is a hint for energy, power and vigor. You have expended all your energy and emotions on others. You are giving into some temptation. This dream is a symbol for the opportunities and possibilities within your grasp. A promotion is in your future.

Whales mating in dream signals your strong will and solid character. When it comes to your goals and aspirations, you aim high. Things in life have come a little easy for you. Your dream is an evidence for love loyalty and friendship. You are seeking some form of comfort.

Dream about whales mating refers to inspiration and idealistic notions

Something in your life is bringing up feelings of fear and insecurities. You need to learn to ask for help, in order to move up and advance in life. Your dream denotes innocence, playfulness, festivities, frivolity and girliness. You are showing off and making a spectacle of yourself.

Whales mating is about your new found spiritual awakening. You are underestimating your self worth. You are able to remain calm and cool under pressure. Your dream hints a rehearsal to help you with your approach. Your creative mind is clashing with your personal beliefs.

Your dream will come true !!!
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The ocean was very close to the house looking out from my bed I could see 2 big whales, I made eye contact with one, they weren’t breaching but were behaving in a strange way, it suddenly occurred to me they were mating, I told some other people but then I was disappointed because they disturbed them and I was left feeling upset about that