Dream about White Lion Attack

Dream about white lion attack represents a lack of stability in your life. You are being more suggestive instead of being more direct or bold. An unappealing situation or person is being presented in a more palatable way. The dream is unfortunately sickness, disaster or fear. The current course of your actions will lead to disaster.

White lion attack draws attention to some rejected aspect of yourself. You putting up a defensive wall in an effort to hide your anxieties or shortcomings. You need to let go of your outdated ideas and beliefs. The dream sadly draws attention to something that has been suppressed, rejected, or denied. You are feeling drained or empty.

White lion attack in dream is unfortunately some consciousness or problem. Perhaps you are acting stupid and need to wise up. You need to work through the difficulty and overcome obstacles in your life. The dream denotes a lost in your identity. You need a change from the repetitive and the predictable nature of your job, relationship or daily life.

Dream about white lion attack points at your inability to cope with a situation and you see that being sick is a way out

You need to strengthen your willpower and stand up for yourself. You feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled with the current direction of your life. Your dream is unfortunately an alert for egotism, deceit or pride. You are stuck in your current circumstances.

White lion attack draws attention to someone in your life who has character flaws and imperfections, but you accept them. You are looking for approval, validation and acknowledgement for your work. You need to rid yourself of the negative and pessimistic attitude. Your dream is unfortunately a problem or situation that you have overlooked or refuse to address. Your way of thinking is outdated.

Your dream will come true !!!

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