Dream about White Veil

Dream about white veil unfortunately draws attention to wounded emotions or feelings that you may have suppressed. Something is not what it seems. You are moving too aggressively and too fast in some area of your life. The dream is a harbinger for repressed anger and rage at that person or towards a particular condition. You are not being cooperative.

White veil is unfortunately an alert for craziness or confusion. You hard work and effort will pay off in the long run. Perhaps your goals or ideals are too lofty. This dream is a clue for feelings of regret or sadness over an abandoned goal. You are trying to avoid confrontation and arguments.

White veil in dream means being supreme or being at the top of some situation or circumstance. You feel lost and not sure where you are headed. You will suffer some sort of loss in your life. The dream is a message for a hard and difficult journey or path. You are needlessly working twice as hard or doing double duty.

Dream about white veil is an indication for resentment for the things that you are still clinging on to

You feel you are being held back or that you are not making any progress. You are trying to disguise your true feelings. The dream is about some overwhelming struggle, shock, loss or catastrophe in your life. You may feel trapped in your career, relationship or life in general.

White veil indicates a lack of communication with a person. There is an issue or problem that you are having difficulties understanding. You need to charge forward toward your goals. The dream represents your ultimate fears. You need to listen and heed the message that someone is trying to convey.

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