Dream about Alligator Eating Child

Dream about alligator eating child is a clue for your desires to escape your current situation or to move more faster and easier through it. You are regressing back into your subconscious. Your sense of power is being threatened or compromised. The dream represents your compassion and your consideration of others. It is an end to some behavior or habit.

Alligator eating child symbolises a sense of security and belonging. You are acknowledging the authoritarian within yourself. You may be looking for excitement in your social sphere or your life. Your dream signifies feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. You need to alter your reasoning and make a stronger argument.

Alligator eating child in dream is a portent for some primitive impulse and raw energy. You have been acting prematurely. You are excluded or feel excluded. Your dream is an omen for prosperity in your future. Your ideas or beliefs are being suppressed.

Dream about alligator eating child is an evidence for the various aspects of your life that are invading your personal space

You always play the role of the protector in the relationship and try to shield others from being hurt. Perhaps someone or some situation calls for your help. This dream represents your obligations to others. You need to exercise some self-control.

Alligator eating child stands for an unrealized goal or dream. You are doing your best to maximize your resources. You are expressing a desperate cry for help. Your dream symbolises your need to focus on yourself more. You are attempting to overcome a difficult goal or task.

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Camna Dubey

I saw a dream twice on different days that an alligator eating my kid. What does that mean??