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Dream about Being Bitten By A Tortoise

Dream about being bitten by a tortoise is a warning alert for feelings of guilt, regret, or remorse about something you did. You do not need to be afraid to face the situation that is killing you. You are experiencing some sort of blackout. The dream is a metaphor for fear or uncertainty regarding a relationship. You may be spilling your guts out to others and sharing aspects of yourself which you have previously kept to yourself.

Being bitten by a tortoise draws attention to a bad habit which you have unsuccessfully tried to break. There are issues you are not confronting with her or him. You never know what you will find if you get pass the exterior appearances. This dream is sadly a warning for low self-esteem and feelings of inferiority. You need to get out of your shell and be more sociable.

Being bitten by a tortoise in dream is an indication for an error or mistake you have made. What may seem good in the beginning, will ultimately be unsatisfying and unfulfilling. Something in your life does not add up. The dream is unfortunately a warning alert for your character flaws. You are accepting aspects of yourself that you had previously rejected.

Dream about being bitten by a tortoise is a hint for your lack of self confidence or conviction in the pursuit of some endeavor

You are putting up an act and not being who you really are. You are too dominating or too overbearing. The dream is a portent for failure in some work that you are attempting. There is a problem that you cannot solve or a decision that is weighing on your mind.

Being bitten by a tortoise is a clue for the challenges in your life and the difficult decisions you are confronted with. You are trying to hard to impress others. There may also be a situation in your life that has left you speechless. Your dream expresses grief, bad luck and unhappiness. You need to return your concentration back on your future and goals.

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