Dream about Being Stabbed With A Pencil

Dream about being stabbed with a pencil is a portent for your carefree and pleasant nature. A loved one was taken before their time and you never got a chance to say a proper good bye. You are recognizing certain unexpressed energy, particularly issues dealing with fear, aggression, etc. This dream symbolises your creativity and imagination. You are expressing some regret in your actions.

Being stabbed with a pencil states a pleasant surprise. You need to clear your mind and let go of the past. You may be living a life of excess and overindulging in certain things. The dream hints the finishing touches in your life that brings about fulfillment and completion. You are holding on to the past and refusing to move onto something productive.

Being stabbed with a pencil in dream is a clue for fame, glitz and glamour. Perhaps you are welcoming a new relationship. You are taking advantage of others. Your dream is a harbinger for opportunities and possibilities. You are going through some sort of transformation and embracing your sensuality.

Dream about being stabbed with a pencil signifies emotional balance and strength

You may have self-esteem and confidence issues. Perhaps, you need to show more fortitude, enthusiasm and confidence in some situation. This dream means life, fertility, rejuvenation and spring. You need to see life from an optimistic point of view.

Being stabbed with a pencil is about good luck and prosperity. You are trying to bring joy and positivity to those around you. It is best not to get involved in a situation. Your dream signals an awakening of your spirituality and renewed energy. There may be something that you are refusing to hear.

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I dreamt someone dropped a million pencils on me to kill me. I was able to hide under a desk and was not harmed. The pencils were all sharp and yellow