Dream about Broken Wood

Dream about broken wood is unfortunately an admonition for a lack of power or control in the direction you are going. Perhaps your goals or ideals are too lofty. You are looking to be in a relationship, but are looking in all the wrong places. The dream is unfortunately feelings of doubts, greed, guilt, unworthiness and envy. You are not realizing your own potential.

Broken wood points to deception, evil and treachery. You are experiencing difficulties in your work/family life. Something is not being communicated properly or clearly. Your dream is a warning signal for having or lacking basic control of your life. You are unsure of your social skills.

Broken wood in dream is a harbinger for a lingering threat or a bitter confrontation that you should avoid. You are ignoring or avoiding a situation. You are letting your potential go to waste. The dream is a warning alert for the difficulty you are experiencing in some situation. Somebody that is important to you is not showing enough compassion or other emotions.

Dream about broken wood points at unpleasantness and coldness amongst your social and business circle

You do not have a good handle of a situation. You are feeling sorry for yourself and letting your own negative thinking take over your frame of mind. Your dream is a harbinger for cleansing of past sins. Have a tendency to look at the faults and shortcomings of others without looking at yourself first.

Broken wood draws attention to a problem or situation that you have overlooked or refuse to address. You are being slammed with responsibilities, deadlines or problems. You are avoiding or neglecting your anger. Your dream signals your basic urges, instincts and suppressed emotional desires. You are oblivious to some situation.

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