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Dream about Hitting A Car Head On

Dream about hitting a car head on stands for you may be looking for some form of approval. You are forcing things out. An aspect of yourself is looking to be acknowledged and recognized. This dream is a message for prosperity, hard work and your efforts. You may be turning to a potentially harmful alternative as an instant escape from your problems.

Hitting a car head on is a message for doubt in the choices that you are making. You are not approaching your goals in a direct manner. You are unable to shed some burden. This dream is sadly a warning alert for some painful emotion that you are refusing to confront. You never know what you will find if you get pass the exterior appearances.

Hitting a car head on in dream refers to sorrow news and missed opportunities. You need to rid yourself of the negative and pessimistic attitude. Do not keep your feelings bottled up inside or to harbor any negative feelings. Your dream expresses your stubbornness and your refusal to change your attitudes and opinions. You need to proceed at a steady pace in realizing your goals.

Dream about hitting a car head on states confusion about your own self-identity and your sense of individuality

There is a situation in your life that has not yet been resolved. You feel victimized or taken advantage of. The dream is unfortunately a warning alert for repressed emotions and feelings that you do not want to confront. Someone is trying to bring down your self-confidence.

Hitting a car head on hints your emotional needs or appetite. You are already setting yourself up for failure. Your worse fears are coming true. The dream is a clue for how your compare yourself to others or how others perceive you. You are subconsciously picking up hints and cues that your significant other is not being completely truthful or is not fully committed in the relationship.

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