Dream about Hole In Leg

Dream about hole in leg hints a blemish or minor problem. You are feeling burdened by the expectation of others. You are not picking up on certain cues. This dream draws attention to someone in your life whose charm may ultimately prove harmful. You may not be seeing things the way they really are.

Hole in leg is something significant that you no longer have due to your carelessness and lack of attention. You will find that your worries were unfounded and that they will turn out to be better than expected. You are trying to change or rewrite the past in order to suit your own needs. The dream draws attention to your need for more leisure time or your desires to escape. There is some situation or problem that you need to master and get a handle on.

Hole in leg in dream is sadly an admonition for your acceptance of the restrictions you are facing. You are trying to tell yourself to believe one thing, but really feel differently. You are lacking some emotional connection. This dream denotes feelings that have burned out or that you are feeling burnt out and exhausted. You are refusing to accept a situation that is being imposed and forced upon you.

Dream about hole in leg is an evidence for deception and cover-up of some situation

Your subconscious is trying to protect you by creating a level of separation from a direct memory. You are lacking control of where you life is going. The dream is a message for an easy-going attitude. Some problems are not going to go away just because you are ignoring them.

Hole in leg means your tendency to distance yourself from others. Perhaps someone does not know how to mind their business. You may be closing yourself off from new experiences or shutting yourself out. The dream signals a problem where you may be confused about. You are feeling foolish or embarrassed by some situation.

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Sophia Hernandez

So this was helpful but what if these holes are leaking….and are very VERY itchy .

Julie Andrews

what if there are multiple holes and thank you for the information ☺️

Arianna Garver

What does it mean if I had holes from being injured? The holes resembled a lotus pod all over my legs and the backs of my hands– I had at least 50 in my dream; later I was put in a straightjacket because the holes were illegal


I dreamed of being in the tub & seeing a hole in my inner thigh. I jumped out the tub & squeezed the hole together until this clear circular thing came out. It was painful. I screamed, cried & there was blood


The hole in my leg won’t stop bleeding, its located on my knee.


I had a dream my step dad shot me in the right knee and crippled me, the original wound was a massive bloody hole and I felt every nerve of pain. Later on in the dream only my right leg had holes all over because I didn’t tend to the wound. They varied in size and I’m quite curious what it means.


I had a hole on my calf and there was something inside i guess a piece of water melon what could this dream be about?


The hole in my leg was a large wide cavity almost crystal-like inside. I didn’t know what to do about it but On inspecting it in my dream I saw that it wasn’t infected or harmful. What does this mean?

Jenny F

I dreamed of a small injury to my right leg that got much larger into a deep hole with a few holes like tunnels inside. And black fluff or something had fallen in. I had to cover it up so it did not get infected while thinking about what to do about it. It started to sting a little and I felt that the pain will become worse, then woke up too my alarm feeling very worried.

The Curious One

The dream that I had was extremely unsettling. I dreamt that I was being held down on a bed that wasn’t mine by someone or something that I couldn’t see. It was too dark. Suddenly I was released and jumped up to run away. I looked back and saw a perfectly round hole through the mattress and looked down and noticed that my left leg had the same hole and I could see straight through. It didn’t hurt not even when I squeezed it and gelatinous blood with a white substance oozed out. What does it mean


What does it mean when you see a hole on your leg and your organs are coming out from it, I tried to put them back inside then all of a sudden I was walking in a public place and I touched my leg, I could feel the scar.

Justin zapien torres

What if the holes in your legs are really deep and there are several of them and they go all the way to the bone but not bleeding and you get bite by a bat


I dreamt about causing a hole in my thigh that I could see through and continued going about my business until I felt like I need to go to the hospital to receive medical care. It was a weird hospital bed and there were special types of nurses