Dream about Light Green Snake

Dream about light green snake points to your identity. You are feeling out of touch with society. You need to try a new interest or pick up a hobby. This dream is a symbol for the relationships and communication between you and your family or relatives. You need to learn to share.

Light green snake suggests the feelings and memories your associate with a person. You are exploring your limits and trying to awaken your fullest potential. You are trying to find clarity to a situation. The dream is a signal for some domestic issue. You need to work on some commitment issue.

Light green snake in dream indicates anxiety medication that you are considering taking. It is time to pull yourself back up and get back into the swing of things. You need to get to the heart of some matter or situation. Your dream is a portent for your anxiety about some real life competition that you are involved in. You are suppressing your sad feelings.

Dream about light green snake states the name or initial of a person

It is time to let loose. You are being watched, investigated, or evaluated. This dream signifies your fears about your relationship. It is time to cleanse your body and spirits.

Light green snake suggests a special anniversary, appointment or occasion. You are becoming someone who you are ashamed of or someone who you longer recognized. You need to find time to relax. This dream is a portent for hospitality. You are being put through some sort of test.

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