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Dream about Money Stolen From Wallet

Dream about money stolen from wallet means painful memories that is emerging from your subconscious. You are lacking a social life. You are reconnecting an aspect of your own self that you have ignored or abandoned. The dream points at your future hopes and fears. Not to forget about the past and what you have left behind.

Money stolen from wallet is an indication for lurking danger, sin and lacking freedom. You may be trying to compensate for the sadness or stress in your life. You are suffering from a situation or condition in which you are trying to escape from. The dream symbolises a silly or confusing situation. Your performance is being scrutinized and questioned.

Money stolen from wallet in dream is sadly a warning alert for issues and concerns with money and security. You are experiencing some anxiety, tension, or fear concerning a new situation in your life. You need to think twice about committing to a relationship. The dream symbolises a lack of motivation or inspiration. You feel lost and not sure where you are headed.

Dream about money stolen from wallet points at a need for change or a deviation from your normal routine

Your problems are not as serious as you may think. You are unable to or refuse to give up a habit. The dream stands for feelings of rejection by society. You feel limited in what you can do.

Money stolen from wallet is a harbinger for your lack of understanding in some area of your life. You are either trying to get to your subconscious and access its insights. Somebody may be keeping a short leash on you, where you are lacking the freedom to act independently. The dream is a premonition for your non-conformist attitude. It is time to lay your future plans and goals.

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I dreamed someone stole money from my mom’s purse at my workplace. It was around $80 but it was from at least two thefts. My mom was not there. No one was caught. Black purse was still there with multiple zippers.

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