Dream about Running Friend

Dream about running friend is sometimes cycles, passage of time, or a special event in your life. You have great strength. You are moving toward your goals at a slow and steady pace. Your dream is about your desires to fully express your emotions. You need clarity in some matter.

Running friend is a hint for your caring and loving nature. You need to confront and overcome current difficulties before you can move forward with your life. You are keeping your emotions in check. This dream is a harbinger for the energies that you are investing into a project. You hold the key to unlocking your inner feelings and emotions.

Running friend in dream is an omen for unclaimed rewards. Sometimes you forget how or what got you to where you are today. You are celebrating your sensuality. Your dream states self confidence, ability to succeed, enlightenment and spiritual confidence. You need to start taking action and making the necessary changes that will carry you into a new transitional level.

Dream about running friend is a portent for success and wealth

You need to look at things from a different level in order to gain a new perspective. You have a strong competitive side. Your dream states a guiding light or a guardian angel that will point you toward your direction in life. You are refusing to let your creativity emerge from beneath the surface.

Running friend signals feeling so negativity and inferiority. You want to put something on display. You are indecisive about something. This dream means emotional balance and strength. You will enjoy the benefits of your success after long and hard work.

Your dream will come true !!!
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I had a dream of my girl friend running on the beach towards me then jump into my arms