Dream about Singing And Dancing

Dream about singing and dancing signals grace, speed and the soul. Perhaps, you are feeling threatened in some way. You are feeling satisfied and happy about some situation. The dream stands for your attitude and confidence. You are rushing into some decision.

Singing and dancing points at your commitments and convictions when it comes to love loyalty and friendship. Perhaps you are putting on an act or a facade. You are versatile and able to adapt to any situation. Your dream stands for your life path and your life goals. You are ready to take certain risks in order to move ahead.

Singing and dancing in dream indicates having a better line of communication with your family. You are able to see the bright side of a negative situation. Someone is watching your moves or are taking interest in your actions. The dream is a sign for your tendency to keep you emotions and thoughts inside instead of expressing them. You need to speak up about some public matter.

Dream about singing and dancing is a premonition for a new opportunity, a new relationship, or a new attitude toward life

It may take perseverance and time before you see progress. Some residual feelings that you have when you are awake can often express themselves in your dream. Your dream is a harbinger for masculinity and raw energy. Fortune and pleasure are within near reach.

Singing and dancing points to rejuvenation, enlightenment and vitality. Suspicions are lurking around you and your activities. You are expressing a desire to go back in time and act in a different manner. This dream is a signal for your confidence in your own ability. Things will look up for you.

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Kyle Reed

i just had a dream where a CIA agent was shooting at me but kept missing while i was climbing away from him but whenever he hit something to the wall that is white it revealed eggs inside and he broke those then i got into the top and i was singing and dancing on a groovy song and the agent did it too