Dream about Snake Biting My Brother

Dream about snake biting my brother signals being framed for something you did not do. You may feel that your current situation or relationship is in a rut. You are being recognized for your good character. The dream signals obstacles and barriers toward your goals. You feel out of control and helpless in some situation.

Snake biting my brother unfortunately draws attention to fears of losing your virility. You are experiencing some overwhelming turmoil or problems in your life. After a long period of struggle, you will overcome some difficulties in your life. Your dream points at your anxieties and concerns about your own inhibitions. Your life is too much of a routine.

Snake biting my brother in dream unfortunately draws attention to someone who is untrustworthy or slick. You may not be alert or informed about a particular situation. You need to stop or you will burn yourself out. The dream is sadly a warning alert for imbalance, struggle, worry and trouble in some personal situation or business matter. You are trying to resolve some internal conflict or some unsettled issue in your life.

Dream about snake biting my brother symbolises money being given or lost

You feel left behind while everyone around you is doing new things or going in new direction. Some situation or emotion is threatening to come to the surface. Your dream is a premonition for some deadline or anxiety over an issue. You need a strong-willed leader to guide you.

Snake biting my brother expresses your need to repeat yourself in order to be heard and for others to believe you. You are not fully acknowledging your own self worth. You need to cut down on your stress. Your dream is unfortunately a warning alert for feelings of guilt and unworthiness. Something has been lifted off your shoulders.

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I dreamt I was with my elder brother and my mother at home at night when my mother said to both us that she saw a snake that we should be vigilant about it.all of a sudden the snake came and I took a stink to hit the snake instead my mother told me to give the stick to my brother. the snake stand still waiting for attack. immediately my brother hit the snake with the stick my brother was dead being bitten by the black cobra snake. I was screaming and crying then I woke up from the dream.