Dream about Things Leaking

Dream about things leaking points at the need for you to take a closer and better look at things. You have gained a fresh perspective. You are undergoing a period of healing in your life. This dream refers to your ability to explore and delve into your subconscious. You need to pay attention to the dream as it may offer a solution.

Things leaking is a symbol for domestic bliss and harmony. Someone in your life is offering you protection and stability. You are making an important decision that will effect the lives of others. Your dream is an evidence for power and fertility. You are striving toward perfection.

Things leaking in dream signifies luck, magical power and success. You need to foster or acknowledge some special quality that your best friend has. There is a part of yourself that you can always rely on. Your dream signals the things you value and cherish in life. You feel that some information is being hidden from you.

Dream about things leaking is a symbol for great abundance, freedom and happiness

You feel the need to protect the things that are important to you. You win at something. Your dream signifies something that disgusts you. A situation or relationship has made you feel helpless.

Things leaking hints your convictions and spiritual beliefs. You are preoccupied with something in your mind that is causing you much anxiety. You are addressing and confronting emotional issues. Your dream is your need to relax and enjoy life. You need to acknowledge and express your creative side.

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