Dream about Having A Killer

Dream about having a killer is an omen for someone in your life who is sly and sneaky. You need to consider and confront material from your subconscious. You need to keep your distance from some situation or relationship. This dream is a symbol for mutual understanding in one of your relationships. You may feel violated.

Having a killer signifies feminine power and mystique. You have difficulties getting in touch with your feelings. You have found a solution to a problem. The dream is a clue for excessive chatter and gossip. You need to alter your actions before you or someone gets hurt.

Having a killer in dream is an evidence for your vulnerable side. There are some issues or feelings that are eating up inside you. You need to stop depending on others. This dream is sometimes your position of prominence and distinction. You need to let go out the past and look forward to the future.

Dream about having a killer is a harbinger for your state of indecision

You need to forge ahead toward your goals. You are getting to your subconscious level. The dream signifies self-doubt in your thinking. You are blindly following orders.

Having a killer is a hint for prosperity in your future. You are renewing or updating your self image. You are carrying more weight on your shoulders than you need to. This dream means your creativity. You need less complications in your life.

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