Dream about Stone Stairs

Dream about stone stairs symbolises a celebration or a personal achievement that you are proud of. You are feeling apprehensive about the future. You need to work on yourself and explore your mind. The dream states your potential to be all that you can be. You are refusing to confront some issue or situation.

Stone stairs suggests togetherness and spiritual bonding. You are feeling empowered and confident about your abilities. You may have risen to a higher level of consciousness and are looking at the world from an elevated viewpoint. This dream hints something that you are refusing to acknowledge. You are being nourished with love.

Stone stairs in dream means the connection of your spirit to the earth, air, fire and water. You are feeling tense. You will have prominence in some field. The dream points at a desire or wish for emotional variety and adventure. You need to lay out your goals and plans clearly in order to be able to grow and move forward in life.

Dream about stone stairs is a sign for something brilliant, new and great

Success is a step by step process; it will not happen immediately. You take pleasure and comfort in the simple things of life. Your dream is a harbinger for automation, simplification and ease. You are interconnected with the world.

Stone stairs expresses your hurtful and cutting comments. You need to acknowledge a negative aspect of you and confront it. You are inviting negativity into your life. Your dream is a sign for bright hopes, vast possibilities and insight. If you are single, your existing relationship has moved on to a higher level.

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Seeing 2 men building stone steps when finished one of the men show me the words, faith, love,hope carved on steps